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Our huge range of attachments allow you

to use your SBGHS excavator for so much


from breaking, cutting and ripping during demolition, to drilling and pile driving during construction.


Add a dozer blade for versatility, a clamshell

grab for loading, or a shaker bucket for

separating and sorting.


The possibilities are endless and the savings, from using a single machine, are substantial.


A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is an extra we can offer, designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF? A DPF is a device that helps to reduce the emissions from your diesel engine.

It is a soot trap that collects soot particulates from the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere.

The exhaust gasses flow into the Diesel Particulate Filter and the soot particles from the gasses are filtered out and trapped within the DPF and later burned away during the regeneration process.


Our excavator digging and grading buckets are suitable for light and heavy construction site work

as well as for use in more demanding excavating conditions.


From micro, mini and midi, to mass excavators: Whatever the job, whatever the excavator, our range of high quality buckets will ensure you get the most from your digger.


Sizes ranging from 9" to 54" (220mm to 1350mm) depending on size of machine.


Ditching and grading buckets are specifically engineered for:-


Ditch maintenance


Slope work



This bucket is not designed for tough digging applications.


Available on all Excavators up to and including 20 Tonne


Sort and process materials. Various models available to suit all excavators.


separate brick, concrete, stone, vegetation and other debris from fine material recycle for re-use demolition, quarrying, landscaping etc.


The buckets can be direct mounted or used with quick hitches and have been designed on 3D Pro-engineer CAD systems.


Breakers for Excavators of all sizes.


SBGHS range includes hammers with all of the power needed for the toughest jobs all within one of the most compact designs available.


We have the capability to build or supply the coupler for your machine allowing you to receive the Concrete Breaker and get to work right away.


These powerful tools run the full gamut of size and power for excavators of all sizes. The R40 unit can provide 175 Ft. Lbs. of impact force for machines as small as 1,545 pounds, while the massive R140 provides an astonishing 5420 Ft. Lbs. of force for machines between 20-29 tons.